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All about Jada's first trip to Disney

December 10, 2005......... Jadalynn is born. Cheryl immediately starts telling her about the Princesses and planning a trip to Disney World for Jada

Jadas first picture

This is Jadas first picture (yes, she is adorable)


May 5, 2010....... I got ahead of myself with the above. Let me introduce myself. My name is Cheryl. I grew up with three brothers, got married and had three sons. My brothers got married and gave me many nephews and only three nieces.

Once upon a time my kids grew up and got girl friends- Robert and Stephanie had been together for quite a few years when they found themselves in trouble. I was the last to be told-- because they knew I would be "extremely" upset (an understatement to say the least). Robert was in and out of trouble, no job and Stephanie was going to college when they found themselves in this predicament.

I was not mad at them for long because it was soon that we found out I was going to be a grandmother to a little girl. WOW I saw princesses dancing in my head--- I could not wait.

Jadalynn was born on December 10, 2005. I drove to the hospital to see her. I unwrapped her and laid her on the bed. The nurse came and asked what I was doing, I said I wanted to see what a little girl looked like. I dressed her again and sat in a chair and told her all about Disney.

What you have to understand is I took my kids here (when Robert was 16) and it just wasn't for him. The other two thought it was a place for little kids. Again, not for them. I took my honey, who from now on will be called PopPop Joe in 2001. I guess it didn't help my cause that we went the last week in August- one HOT week. Again, sad for me, Disney was not for him either-- too hot, waiting in lines, etc.etc. (we stayed offsite too- rented a car and PopPop Joe drove all week) It was not the kind of vacation he wanted.

So, now along came Jada and I knew I had a Disney buddy. But I have to wait- (and wait and wait) until she was old enough to appreciate the Magic of Disney. We decided to wait until the year she turns 5. So on December 11,2005 I told her we will go in 2010. And I started planning. Its never too early to plan.

I spent a lot of time reading about onsite hotels. If I am going to Disney I want to do it right this time. (I have been to Disney World in 1986 and 2001 and stayed offsite both times) I have been collecting Disney movies for quite a few years now. And even though Jada was a baby--we watched them every time she came over. Which was almost every weekend from New Years Eve 2005.

I also have books that we read, The Encyclopedia of Disney was one of our early favorite books. (it has every character ever invented) I also have encyclopedia of villians and encyclopedia of princesses. Oh how we bonded with our reading every weekend.

We even used disney for potty training, she was difficult, all the accidents until she got Mickey mail. A letter addressed to her using fancy paper with mickey mouse pictures and the envelope was all fancy with Mickey Mouse. Mickey went on to tell her that he was looking forward to seeing her next summer and he hoped that she stayed dry and didnt have any more accidents. That was all it took and she never had accidents again.

We have a growth chart against one wall that we have measured her each month with the 44" marked in bold--so she knows when she gets to that point she can go on almost everything in Disney. We got her to eat vegetables based on using Disney as our jumping point. Eating vegetables make you grow- the more you eat the better you grow-- the better you grow the faster we can go to disney. So now she eats a vegetable and will go measure herself-- PopPop Joe got her eating asparagus, brussel sprouts, green beans, and even spinach. She is funny when she takes her bite---then runs and gets measured.

another way we measured her is the light switches-- its almost time when you can reach the switches-- she is almost there and is so proud when she can reach one- I wish I had a video camera to take that motion when she finally was able to reach the switch in the bathroom.


Jadas first picture

This is Jadas first birthday party

2007 : is when she started talking and knowing her princesses- there was Rella,(cinderella) Norape (snow white) Boolan (Mulan) Lilo and Bitch (Lilo and Stitch) Every movie we watched had tinker bell in the beginning-- and when she saw that beginning she would scream "tinker bell" I see her.

Jadas first picture

MomMom Cheryl, Jada, PopPop Joe

2008: she took her blocks and was throwing them into a paper bag--PopPop Joe asked her what she was doing and she said she is packing for Disney

Jadas first picture


Jadas first picture


Jadas first picture

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