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On our last day of shore excursions the weather was just perfect. We arrived at Cozumel, and after an 8:30 breakfast in the Windjammer, Joe and I prepared to take the ferry to go to Playa Del Carma. We were to meet in the La Scala lounge for a 10am departure. We did not get under way until 10:30. This is a fast moving tour and will not wait. Have your tickets in hand. They will remind you to keep your watch on ships time as the island is one hour behind. At 10:30 we moved out to the tender. This ship pulls into a dock. But this excursion gets to the place by tender, So there was no reason for us to get off the ship using the dock.

By the time we all entered the tender it was almost 11am when we got under way. This is an excursion that Joe was looking forward to the most. He likes History (a lot) I was dreading this excursion because I had heard so many bad things about it: the ferry ride, the heat, no shade and bugs at the ruins, etc. Food is not supposed to be taken off the ship unless it is pre-packaged. There is a box lunch provided by the ship but it isn't served until after the tour. (Which is around 2 or so).There is a Subway near the entrance to the ruins. The people on the ship did not check my bags for food. But I didn't feel comfortable taking it off. That rule is in effect for a reason.

The ferry ride was a not as bad as I had expected .I would suggest coming prepared for seasickness just in case..We got to Play del Carmen about 45 minutes later,Our Guide, Saul, had us walk to the bus a block or two away. We were told that we wont have time to shop or anything in Play del Carmen. Saul was very knowledgeable and fluent in English... The bus was very comfortable and the ride took about an hour on the highway.Saul told us that we will be stopping for a potty break half way to Tulum, He also stated it is a small shopping place to buy souvenirs. My opinion is do not shop here as they have the stuff in Cozumel on the dock as you are headed back to the ship for a lot less money then what is offered here. Joe bought a chess set for 40 bucks. (The guy told him it costs $100.00) same chess set in Cozumel sold for $20.00. Be careful. This place also sold hammocks and blankets,along with a lot of Mayan sculpture and artwork. After a 15 minute rest stop we were on our way to Tulum. Saul gave a brief introduction to the Mayan people and their life. Very interesting and made the ride bearable.

Once we entered Tulum Saul offered us a round trip shuttle for 1.50 a person to get to the ruins or we can walk it. Joe and I decided to take the shuttle. I am so very glad we did that as the walk can be long and it was sooo hot that day,also the road up is very dusty and the trollys kick up a lot of dust.Walking would have been unbearable and also taken a lot of time. For a small amount of money it was well worth it. There is also a cost of 5.00 if you bring a video camera. We did not bring our video camera so we didn't have this expense. As far as the bugs and mosquitoes I didn't encounter any. Only a few flies which have bites worse then those mosquitos. Should have taken bug spray. Joe didn't get any bites at all. Guess I may just be sweeter then he. The only animals we saw were iguanas, which apparently have the run of the place. We saw quite a few of them in various sizes.(the picture below,with the yellow circle, has one peeking out of one of the ruins.)

The ruins are truly breathtaking. Saul gave us a tour and then left us to explore on our own. He took us to some of the ruins and gave brief histories of each. Pointed out the not to miss sites. I was surprised at how small the area actually is and despite having some hills to walk, it really wasn't a difficult tour. The best is climbing to the top of the site and looking down at the beach and sea below. There is a small shopping area that sold souveniers. But our time to get on the bus was close at hand. The Mayans also put on a show in costumes where they hang upside down from a pole and slowly descend to the ground on ropes. This was a very nice look into their culture. Of course there was also someone at the ruins taking pictures, which were then ready for sale on the ferry trip home. There is always a way to be spending more money than you plan. The picture turned out beautiful and Joe decided to part with $15.00. It was a folder with two pictures, A Mayan Temple overlooking the beach on top and a picture of Joe and Me on the bottom. It turned out very nicely. We had to be back at the bus at 2:45. The ferry was scheduled to leave at 4pm. (Ship time) When we returned to the parking lot there was no time to stop in the Subway for a sandwich so we were kinda stuck with what the bus stop fed us. The box lunch on the bus consisted of a small tuna sandwich on a small roll with no mayonnaise, just a packet of relish to add to it, a muffin, a juice box, a chocolate chip cookie and two crackers. We got one small glass of Pepsi or Mexican beer to go with it. I didn't see anyone asking for seconds. The food was ok and did the job of holding us til dinner.

After the ferry ride back, which leaves you in downtown Cozumel for the purpose of giving you a chance to spend more money, It was 5:00 and since we had early dinner and this was the lobster night I wanted to head back to the ship. Lots of taxis are available at the end of the pier. Cab ride back to the pier of the Voyager was 6 bucks.(a very good deal because that would have been a long walk). We shopped as we got back to the ship. Saw $1.00 key chains which we bought back for everyone. Got back to our cabin it was 5:50. We had a few seconds to pop into the shower and head to dinner. Like I said this is Lobster night and I had to be there. Dinner for tonight only was scheduled for 6:15. All that hurrying was for nothing. Lobster was not good at all tonight. The first one we got was slimy and hard. I thought it was undercooked so I asked for another. The second one arrived the same way. Its not like we went away hungry.

Tonight was the Quest. Held in Studio "B" We arrived at 10:10 to find lots of seats. But seats were going fast so we settled in. Most shows started on time during the week. The quest was no exception. There isn't much I can say about this show except it should be not to be missed. If you find information somewhere in the board about Quest I suggest you don't read about it. I am sure if I knew what was gonna happen it would have spoiled the whole show for me. I left right after quest as it was a long long day. The Rock and Roll show through the ages was right after Quest. Headed back to the cabin and got ready for bed.

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