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August 30 is Cheryl's birthday. To celebrate we are taking a cruise this week.We will be aboard the Royal Caribbean cruise lines Voyager of the Seas. This web page is a little Journal of our trip. We depart from Miami on August 31st with ports of call in Labadee,Hispaniola;Ocho Rios,Jamaica;Georgetown,Cayman Islands;and Cozumel,Mexico. Then back to Miami on September,7. I hope you enjoy looking at our web page as much as we enjoy sharing it with you.Below is the Daily review from Cheryl

Hi, my name is Cheryl and I am addicted to cruising. Thanks to Joe who gave into my addiction this year and gave me a birthday present to be celebrated during Labor Day week on the Voyager of the Seas.

We have been planning this cruise since we booked our cabin (8692 aft) in January. We planned to fly down a day ahead of time,I have checked all the online agencies for pricing,after continuously getting the same price Joe decided to check the individual airlines. He found Airtran round trip from Phila to Fort Lauderdale for 135.00 per person which included the taxes and everything else they add onto the price. We found out hotels in Miami using www.biddingfortravel.com

Joe and I stayed at the Wyndham Miami Airport for 35.00. We booked www.larryslimo.com to pick us up at the airport to drop us off at the hotel in Miami and to pick us up on September 7th from the Voyager to take us back to the FLL airport. The total costs of the limo was a little under $200.00 round trip (There are 6 of us total, with my son and three of his friends cruising with us. ) $33.00 per person roundtrip and that included the tip.

The date was August 30th, my birthday. We left Joe's house about 10am for our 1:20 flight. Check in was a breeze. Flight was delayed on the ground for almost 40 minutes on the runways. We arrived at 4:40 so that made our lay over in Atlanta less then 40 minutes. Not bad at all. Joe bought me a magnet and a tee-shirt. He thinks I am so very spoiled. [You are (added by Joe)] The next leg of our journey was uneventful and we even arrived 15 minutes early. Joe had told the captain its my birthday and the flight attendants were very kind in wishing me well wishes. As I were leaving the plane the Captain wished me a happy birthday as did the flight crew. The day was off to a wonderful start. Our Limo was waiting and Victor was standing there with a sign with my name on it.We arrived at our hotel in about 40 minutes.Checked in with no problem. The Room was cozy. After a little bit we decided to check out the place to have a birthday celebration. We went to the Tamarind Restaurant which is located in the hotel. Andy was our server and very helpful with what looks good on the menu. Joe had a steak sandwich, I had Jamaican chicken. The whole meal was more then what I expected and everything tasted wonderful . Dinner came with Caesar Salad. In passing I told Andy it was my birthday and for dessert he bought over cheese cake with candles and all the waiters in the place sang happy birthday. The bill for the dinner was under $60.00, Joe goes out of his way to make sure my days are very special. We went back to the room, full and happy- watched tv and fell asleep around 11pm- exhausted. It was a long travel day.

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